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Create-your-own tumblers

May 13, 2008

Yesterday Designer Heather Manning showed a create-your-own tumbler project she had created on her blog. She used a Starbucks mug, but I don’t have one of those near-by so went searching on the web and found that Aladdin makes several different styles and sizes.

I have a couple of 16 oz and two 8oz tumblers on order now and turned the Aladdin PDF templates into png files so they would be easier to work with in Photoshop, Elements or PSP. If you’d like to snag them you can find them here. They are set up to be printed out on an letter size sheet of paper and then you simply cut them out along the dotted lines and slide them into the tumbler.

I’m sure there are probably other places you can find these types of tumblers. Thanks to Heather for sharing I know have Father’s Day gifts wrapped up! 🙂

5/15/08 ETA – shipping was very quick! My order arrived today and for those inquiring minds that asked – the scrapbook tumblers do have screw on lids. I