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Digital Scrapbooking Magazine

March 31, 2008

Digital Scapbooking Magazine is part of the CK Media family, and subscribers receive both digital and print copies of the bi-monthly magazine. A annual subscription (6 issues) is $14.99 and includes access to their entire digital library of archived issues.

The purpose of the magazine is to “provide insight, information, and inspiration” to digital and hybrid scrappers. Featured articles and tutorials are available for viewing on the website without a subscription. If you like to have something digiscrap related to read when you don’t have access to a computer this might be a worthwhile investment for you.

Note – there have been some reports of problems with subscriptions not arriving, and other customer service problems. I personally have experienced some customer service issues, but have always gotten my subscription in a timely manner.


Scraps of Mind

March 30, 2008

Scraps of Mind is a Australian scrapbook blog that covers all types of scrapping – traditional, hybrid and digital. There are a lot of tips and tutorials available in the article section, and for freebies check out “Five Freebies on Friday.”

In addition you can sign up for the freed Weekly Word Art Newsletter and get three original pieces of Word Art, together with Scraps of Mind tips and news each week.


The Ephemeral Victorian – Closing the Doors

March 28, 2008

The Ephemeral Victorian, source of freebie designer resources for freebie designers, is closing down. They will  remove 5-10 of the oldest posts daily until the site is empty. New resources will not be posted any longer.

So if you have been thinking about downloading a few of the fabulous items you might want to get over there this weekend and start downloading.


New YouTube Group for Digital Scrapbookers!

March 28, 2008

Hummie, of Hummie’s World, has just set up a new YouTube group for digital scrapbookers to share video tutorials. Membership is free, and you don’t have to contribute a video in order to join the fun and learning. Of course if you do have a video tutorial to share all the better!

Currently there are 18 video tutorials from a variety of authors that cover topics such as creating curled corners, blending and creating backgrounds, creating word art, threading ribbons etc.


Digital Scrapbooking TV – Episode #4

March 27, 2008

Episode #4 of Digital Scrapbooking TV is now available.  This episode shows how to make a hybrid scrapbook page from start to finish, using Jen’s photo grid templates.

Note: this episode is over 226 mb, so it does take a while to load.  Downloading it and then watching seems to work better than watching directly on the embedded player.


Digital Scrapbooking Community Enthusiastic About New Very Affordable 12″x12″ Photobook

March 26, 2008

Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) March 26, 2008 — Viovio, an online community and creative publishing service, has responded to customer requests for an affordable 12×12 photobook. Joining the company’s existing Photo Book line-up this month are four new square format books: the much anticipated 12×12 Memory Book and two mini book brag books in 5×5 and 3.5×3.5 sizes.

“At Viovio we strive to accommodate to our creator’s needs. After numerous requests from scrapbook enthusiasts, we decided to introduce the 12×12 photobooks,” commented Connie Fowler, Co-Founder of Viovio. “Scrapbooking is a wonderfully growing industry and so many of our users are looking to meet their scrapbooking needs.”

The 12×12 is offered in a die-cut hardcover that displays a selected 4×3 digital cover image. The creator has the option to choose from 15 different cover materials in suede, linen, or leather. “Our goal is to offer our customers an extensive array of options when it comes to ‘the look’ of their photobook,” commented Fowler. Pricing is a very affordable $14.99 base cost plus 75 cents per page. So for example, a 40-page book would only cost $44.99.

In addition to the new photobooks, Viovio also streamlined the order process for the square format books. All square format books can be uploaded in the 12×12 format, and then Viovio’s software will automatically scale them to the size of book you choose at check out. So with one upload you can now order multiple sizes.

How it works:
1. Upload your pictures, individual layouts or completed PDF book to your Viovio gallery.
2. Be certain your images or pages are in the order you wish them to appear in your book and select the “order photobook” option.
3. All square sizes are found under the master page 12×12 page option.
4. Follow the steps in the bookmaker (if you have uploaded individual page layouts be sure to check the “auto crop” option.)
5. Select your cover and book size, and place your order.

For helpful design hints please visit our scrapbooking section.

About Viovio (
Founded in 2004, Viovio offers a creative and easy-to-use photo publishing service that allows users to upload photos, completed pages or PDF books, create travel blogs, create photobooks, and exchange information about their favorite places and memorable adventures. More than just a publishing Web site, Viovio is an online community designed for photographers (professional and novice), travel enthusiasts, and those who want to combine the two. Viovio’s goal is always to produce on-demand products of exceptional quality with record speed without ever compromising quality, customer service or price. The company offers 300 MB of free photo storage, a capacity that can be upgraded.



Elegant Wordart

March 25, 2008

Elegant Wordart by Bethany Harty is a great resource for wordart. This is what she has to say about why she creates wordart, “So, why WordArt you ask? Well, I don’t know how to do anything else 🙂 I just started Digiscrapping in February of 2008, and my skills with Photoshop are very limited. But, WordArt I get. I can see how the words should go together. It comes very easy. One of these days, I’ll learn the “hard” stuff!”

She may be new to digiscrapping, but she definitely gets” wordart and there is an amazing amount of quotes already available on her blog. And if you can’t find what you need, you can make a custom request!