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Time to start planning your holiday gifts!

July 31, 2008

The holiday season seems a long way off right now, but if you are planning on photo or digital scrapbooking related gifts it is never too early to start working on those projects.  Before you know it the shipping deadlines will be upon us, but with careful planning you can avoid paying the extra shipping costs for rush orders.

Here are some great ideas on how to include photo books in your gift giving plans:

  • Favorite cookie recipes, along with pictures of the baking process and of finished items can be collected in a photo book and passed down for future generations.
  • If you’ve got kids in sports, pageants, dance recitals or holiday programs at school, make them their own book show casing their role in the event.
  • Surprise a loved one with a family history book. You might have to sneak pictures out of their house a few at a time to scan. A big project like this, needs to be started as soon as possible so you aren’t rushed to complete it at the last minute.
  • Create a personalized ABC or 123 book for a youngster in your life. Kids love seeing themselves and loved ones in print!

Finally, remember photo books don’t need to be more than 20 pages or even big to make a great gift! Viovio has a lot of great options, including some really cute mini books!


Font Conference

July 30, 2008

This is not really scrapping related – but I know there are a lot of scrappers that are font junkies and you are going to get a kick out of this video called Font Conference.


Reasons to create Photo Books

July 28, 2008

Every photographer and scrapper is looking for a way of doing more with their photos and layouts.  But they may not be sure what that “more” might be.   Here are some ideas on how you can use photo books to extend your creativity:

  1. Tell a story. If, for example, you’ve taken a series of photos – from your summer vacation, from protest rallies or a series about conservation – a printed photo book can put those shots into a collection that captures the emotion or helps to move the viewer in some way.
  2. Capture an event. Concert photographers and wedding photographers don’t just snap a single picture – they take a number of photos that really show the completeness of an event. Photo books display the whole experience, not just a single moment in time.
  3. Preserve memories. An amazing vacation. Your child’s first year of school.  Your family tree.  With a printed photo book, you can keep your memories fresh.
  4. Create unique gifts. A collection of your layouts is a gift that a digiscrapper can give that no one else can.
  5. Share a part of yourself. When you capture moments or things that you are passionate about, gathering them in a printed photo book gives you the opportunity to share the world as you see it.

There are a lot of photo book companies out there, and I’ve tired many of them.  To date my personal favorite is Viovio.  They offer a quality product at a very affordable price, plus great customer service!


Pencil Lines

July 25, 2008

Pencil Lines is an international blog “all about using sketches to expand your artistic horizons, get you outside your box, and lift you out of scrappers block and to help you get more layouts done. It is about thinking outside your normal processes to create something wonderful.”  New sketches are released every Sunday evening.  Previous sketches are available as PDF downloads.

Sketches are not templates or quick pages, they are simply an inspirational starting point for you to add your own personal touch to.


Changes at Hummie’s World

July 23, 2008

There have been some changes over at Hummie’s World recently.  The biggest is probably that the store has closed and the items that were available there will now only be available in the subscriber area.  In the future, any creations that would have gone into the store will be offered as freebies to subscribers.  Also the videos that were available for free for a few weeks when they first came out are now only going to be available in the subscriber area only.

Hummie will continue to make sample video’s and the occasional freebie’s available on her blog.


Graphics Illustrations

July 21, 2008

Graphics-illustrations is all about providing illustrations, Photoshop brushes and useful resources in the form of downloads, tutorials and how-to articles.  All brushes offered in both the shop and the blog are Photoshop 7.0 and Elements 6.0 compatible and they have a tutorial available on how to convert Photoshop brushes to Paint Shop Pro brushes.

You do need to register in order to obtain the free brushes and other items including scrapbook pages.


New Free Video Tutorials At Graffi’s!

July 18, 2008

There are two new flash video tutorials available on Graffi’s blog.  The first is called “Creating a Neutral Density Filter Effect with Photoshop or Elements” and works well on photos with skies that need a little more “pop”.  Especially effective with landscape photos.

The second flash tutorial is called “Adding Drama and Contrast to a Boring Sky” it is a technique that really makes the blue pop out of hazy skies, and adds a bit of depth and contrast to the shadow areas of the image.

These are quick and simple techniques that can really add some pizazz to your images!