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Are you Affiliated?

April 29, 2008

Viovio is ready to launch an Affiliate program and they are looking for beta testers. Anyone can sign up, so if you have a website or you refer friends and family to Viovio this could put a little extra cash in your pocket! If you are interested in being a beta tester please send an email to with “Affiliate Beta Tester” in your email subject line.

Check out the Affiliate program here.


Out of Bounds!

April 28, 2008

I came across an amazing out-of-bounds gallery the other day on flickr where the creator was kind enough to not only share all his various creations, but also to write a two tutorials on how he does it. There is a basic tutorial for both Photoshop and Elements and an advanced tutorial that uses tools only available in Photoshop. If you aren’t familiar with the term “out-of-bounds” it refers to technique used to create the illusion of 3D.

There are 80+ examples of creative out-of-bounds in his gallery – here are two to whet your appetite for more.


Create a personalized school memory book

April 25, 2008

Spring is in the air, school is coming to a close, and we look back remembering the year. It doesn’t matter if you home school, attend private school or even pre-school, through Viovio’s custom book creation process you can quickly and easily create a school year book and preserve those memories. Viovio’s flexible application allows the creator ultimate control over the layout of the book. The two creation methods are flexible and easy; offering unique benefits to you, the creator.

Image Upload

Upload your images from your computer or camera, and follow the steps in the bookmaker process to layout your book. Creators who use this method love the ease quickly uploading images and building the book. There is the ability to lay out one image on a page, and then three images on the next, and 12 on the next. There is no constraint on page layout. It is up to you.

This is also the method to use if you use your own software, like Adobe Photoshop/Elements, ACDSee or Paintshop Pro to create pages that can be saved as a jpeg files. Simply create them in the desired size (12×12 if you want a square book) and then select the one image per page, full bleed and auto crop options in the bookmaker.

PDF Upload

Create the page layout on your computer using a desktop publishing application and upload your PDF to Viovio. This method is perfect for creators who love the control of designing the entire book using a desktop application with which they are familiar. It’s simple: just create the full book, save it to a PDF and upload your PDF to Viovio.

Creating Your Cover

Both options allow for flexibility with creating covers. When you create your book by uploading images to Viovio, you can set one of the images to your “gallery image,” which will print as your front cover. You can also upload a separate cover image (.jpg) during the cover creation process. This is true for the front and back cover.

When you create your book by uploading a PDF to Viovio you can identify the 1st page of your PDF as the front cover image or upload a separate image. You also can identify the 2nd page of your PDF as the back cover image.

Design tips for creating your own pages

  • Do not put anything that you don’t want to possibly be cropped off the page within a 1/2″ of the edge of your page.
  • If you know ahead of time which will be a right facing and which a left facing page plan an extra 1/4″ for the binding this will make your page look slightly off center before printing, but it will look better in the bound book.
  • Name your pages in the order you wish for them to appear and it will be much easier to ascertain that they are in the correct order once you have uploaded them to your gallery.
  • Review the PDF preview carefully, this is your last chance to catch any typos or to make any other necessary corrections before printing!

Free Graphics Centre

April 24, 2008

Free Graphics Centre is a new site that offers a wide variety of graphics for free. These include, frames, textures, fractals and backgrounds just to name a few. Vector images images are also available from the site at $0.50 each with a minimum purchase of 6 images required. These are supplied in zip format and contain AI, EPS8 and JPG versions of the images downloaded.


Gunhild Storeide

April 23, 2008

I wish I could tell you about this designer and her blog, but I can’t read most of it. Fortunately the freebie section is in English because there are some very creative and beautiful things to be found here! Both the scrapbook section AND the friday freebie section are just jammed packed with one of a kind items – enough to keep you busy downloading for hours. And the terms of use state that they are available for both personal and professional use if you give the designer proper credit.

Enjoy all the freebies and don’t forget to thank her for sharing her talents!


Scrapbook Ideas Blog

April 22, 2008

Scrapbook Ideas is the blog of designer Jess Gordon.   Lots of inspirational idea, tips and tricks for traditional, hybrid and digital can be found here.   She also has the occasional freebie.  Be sure and check out her grungy curled edge template freebie from this past March.


Beta Testers Wanted

April 18, 2008

Custom photo book producer,, is about to launch an Affiliate program and is looking for beta testers. If you are a fan of Viovio and would be interested in becoming an affiliate you are invited to send an email with “Affliate Beta Tester” in the subject line to this email address:  jane (at)