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PSP Tips and Tricks

June 8, 2008

PSP Tips and Tricks is not a digiscrap site, however if you have chosen Paint Shop Pro as your digital scrapbooking software it will give you a lot of information on how to get the most from it. And there are some tutorials that directly apply to digital scrapbooking. Sections are available for both PSP7 and PSP8 with dozens of tutorials and tips in each. There is also a forum available.

A nice feature is that the FAQ’s (tips & tricks) are available as a zipped text file too, so you can download them in one shot. These are short how to’s that can really help to increase your productivity.

If you are interested in setting up or improving your website, you can also find tips and tools on doing that at this site.


Scrap Outside the Box!

May 26, 2008

Scrap Outside the Box! offers a small store, gallery, blog, a moderately active forum and a handful of freebies. However what really sets this site apart is the tutorials offered. There are over 30 digital scrapbooking tutorials for a variety of programs including Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and FotoFusion.


New YouTube Group for Digital Scrapbookers!

March 28, 2008

Hummie, of Hummie’s World, has just set up a new YouTube group for digital scrapbookers to share video tutorials. Membership is free, and you don’t have to contribute a video in order to join the fun and learning. Of course if you do have a video tutorial to share all the better!

Currently there are 18 video tutorials from a variety of authors that cover topics such as creating curled corners, blending and creating backgrounds, creating word art, threading ribbons etc.


March 24, 2008 is the website of digiscrap designer Heather Manning. Currently in her store she has “lowered prices on almost all of my personal use products over $1.00! Plus, new items have moved into the It’s A Buck category! PLUS now until March 24 everything over $1.00 (Personal and Commercial use!) is on sale for 50% off! That’s off the lower prices, not the old prices!”

This site also houses her personal blog and a selection of Digiscrap Tutorials for Paint Shop Pro users. Topics covered include: Blending in PSP, Changing Colors in PSP, Extracting in PSP, Hang Anything in PSP, Make a Brush in PSP, Selective Coloring in PSP, Use a Frame in PSP, Use a Mask in PSP, Using an Overlay in PSP and Use a Quick Page in PSP. These written tutorials include screen shots and are clear and easy to follow.

ETA:  The sale has just been extended until the 28th!   


Vision Designs

March 21, 2008

Vision Designs is the website of artist Diane McFarland of Newfoundland Canada, where she shares her written digital scrapbooking tutorials for Paint Shop Pro.

The tutorials well organized, include screen shots as well as links to any digi supplies you might need in the creation process. Most are about creating frames, but there are a few on creating elements like ribbons.

Lots of artistic inspiration can be found here. One word of caution, if you prefer sites without music you will want to be sure you speakers are turned down before clicking on this site.


Mangels Desgins

March 19, 2008

Mangels Desgins is not a typical digital scrapbooking site. Their “working model is to gather design collections from widely diverse designers and make them accessible for digital scrapbooking use. To achieve this objective, we have carefully chosen a team of international freelance designers with extensive experience and a great passion for their work. We offer unique, exclusive and unusual designs that you won’t see in another digital scrapbooking Web site.”

This is a subscription site, but here again they are unique in that it is a one time fee of $19.95 for a lifetime subscription. This one time fee gives you access to over 12,000 (10+GB) digital scrapbooking images. Their unique collections in include themed collections, mega kits, quick pages, individual elements and one of the largest collection of family tree/genealogy quick pages that I have seen anywhere on the web.

In addition they also offer some great written digscrap tutorials for Paint Shop Pro users.



March 7, 2008

The tag line for Digitals is “where artistry and quality unite!” The site offers a store, forum, gallery, free samples, classes and tutorials.

Free tutorials are available for the following software:

The majority of the tutorials are presented in PDF format and include screen shots. Examples of topics covered include Digital Paper Tearing in Photoshop, Making text on a path in Photoshop and PSP, Making beads in PSP and Making button in PSP.