Peppermint Creative

July 9, 2008

Peppermint Creative is a very cheerful looking site that offers a wide variety of items for both digi and hybrid scrappers.  In particular they offer board books for hybrid scrappers in 5×5 and 8×8 sizes.  And additional hybrid project kits are available.

They also have a CD burning service if you prefer to have your order shipped to you on CD instead of downloading. This service is available for both domestic and interntional orders.

Finally, there is a free digi kit offered every month and there is a free virtual libray of Titles & Phrases for scrapbooking.  This library is well organized and definately a page that should be book marked for future reference when you just can’t find the right words.



  1. I love Peppermint Creative! She was one of the first people whose designs lured me into the realm of digital scrapping.

  2. Oh I’ve been to this site before and boy is it cute! If I did any kind of paper or hybrid I’d be all over this site!

  3. I love Ms. Mint, I have bought kits from her several times now and I’m loving all of it. 😉

  4. I’ve both downloaded freebies and purchased kits from Ms. Mint and like them lots, but as far as the “free kit offered every month”, well, I’ve been going to the site since April and the current free kit is only the second one that’s been available in that time – and it’s been up since May… Other than that a very nice site.

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