Hi Baidu

June 27, 2008

Hi Baidu is a non English blog that I wish I could read. I don’t know what the terms of use is on the awesome abundance of free brushes and vector art, styles, patterns, custom shapes etc on this site, but I think it is safe to assume that personal use is ok.  At least there are English sub-titles in the index, and that should be enough to help you navigate your way around this treasure trove.

This site is best viewed in Internet Explorer, or if you use FireFox you will need the IE tab add-on installed.   The download link can be a little hard to find, just look for the cartoon character waving and pointing, and if you have the option it seems to work better to choose the “Ziddu” option.

The eps files are usually associated with Photoshop, but they will open in Elements.  Try using them as an overlay or texture with soft light or overlay blend. You can also resize them and place on your image using the above blend modes.

Did I mention there were over 500 FREE brushes!  🙂



  1. What a great site … I wish I could read it too! Maybe I’ll try to translate parts of it for more info. Thanks so much for pointing it out!

  2. Wow, that is a different blog for sure.

  3. WOW, so much coolness! I’m gonna have to see if I can babelfish translate it to view the TOU. Thanks again, o tireless digi-world traveler!!

  4. WOW! Thanks for the tip! That’s ALOT of brushes!!!

  5. it was a very hard site to navigate and find things. The brushes do look awesome although I never download .rar items.

    It was neat to see the site, the different brush options. Im so glad you came across this blog!

  6. I wish I could read it too, there’s a lot of cool stuff there! I don’t even know what language it is to know what translator to use!

  7. I signed up an account (in fact, I now have 2 accounts). The Mandarin lessons are finally paying off. 😉 If only blogger and wordpress had similar templates.

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