How to Fix Pet Eye in Your Photos

June 25, 2008

“How to Fix Pet Eye in Your Photos” is a tutorial written by Sue Chastain, a well-respected graphics software authority who has been producing About.com’s Graphics Software Web site since February 1999.

Pet eye is the glowing white, green, red, or yellow eye reflections that you often get when taking photos of pets or other animals in low light conditions when a flash is used.  Up until I read this tutorial the best method I knew of for removing “pet eye” was to find a picture of a “good eye” and clone it onto the picture that needed fixing.  The technique described in this tutorial is much simpler and will work for the vast majority of cases.  The instructions are written for Photoshop, but will work in any graphics program that uses layers.



  1. Awesome, thanks!

  2. thank you!!

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