Irene’s Scrapbooking Designs

June 4, 2008

Irene’s Scrapbooking Designs is the blog of digital designer and artist Irene Alexeeva. In April she resigned from DSP and is now giving away some of her former products along with new offerings. Her design style might best be described as whimsically romantic with lots of doodles, swirls and flourishes. Be sure and check her older posts for some very cute dog and cat packs.

Note: Her work is created at DSP’s standard of 200dpi as opposed to the industry standard of 300dpi.

Here is a peek at her current freebie:



  1. Thanks for sharing your blog!

  2. Thanks for pointing us to her fab work!!

  3. She must be a fabulous designer … I was a DSP member for a long time (still am, but just not very active) and I know how stringent they were with designer requirements. Her work looks beautiful!

  4. Very nice work – thanks for sharing!

  5. I love Irene Alexeeva! Thanks for the head up. I’m going to check out her blog.

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