Digital Scrapbooking Magazine

March 31, 2008

Digital Scapbooking Magazine is part of the CK Media family, and subscribers receive both digital and print copies of the bi-monthly magazine. A annual subscription (6 issues) is $14.99 and includes access to their entire digital library of archived issues.

The purpose of the magazine is to “provide insight, information, and inspiration” to digital and hybrid scrappers. Featured articles and tutorials are available for viewing on the website without a subscription. If you like to have something digiscrap related to read when you don’t have access to a computer this might be a worthwhile investment for you.

Note – there have been some reports of problems with subscriptions not arriving, and other customer service problems. I personally have experienced some customer service issues, but have always gotten my subscription in a timely manner.



  1. I’d love to take a subscription on it, but I’m afraid that some issues won’t arrive, since I’m in Europe… I had a subscription for Creating Keepsakes and I cancelled it because alot of issues never made it to my house… Bummer!

  2. What Kim says is true about most American mags. When I lived in Europe, I would never get a lot of them, and then when I did they’d be a mess. I love my Digital Scrapbook magazines. It does seem like there’s a long time between issues, maybe I should pay attention- I may be missing some! I always put it down to the bi monthly thing.

  3. Great review, thanks!

  4. thanks. i subbed once, but very dissapointed in a magazine as a whole as i thought it wasn’t a great representation of what digital scrapbooking is/was.

  5. excellent review of a wonderful magazine. Thanks again, Jane!

  6. I don’t get this one — now that I can peruse the online galleries for inspiration, it seems I don’t “need” a scrapbooking magazine anymore!

  7. I’ve picked this one up a few times at the store. Thanks for the review!

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