March 24, 2008

Digiscrapping.net is the website of digiscrap designer Heather Manning. Currently in her store she has “lowered prices on almost all of my personal use products over $1.00! Plus, new items have moved into the It’s A Buck category! PLUS now until March 24 everything over $1.00 (Personal and Commercial use!) is on sale for 50% off! That’s off the lower prices, not the old prices!”

This site also houses her personal blog and a selection of Digiscrap Tutorials for Paint Shop Pro users. Topics covered include: Blending in PSP, Changing Colors in PSP, Extracting in PSP, Hang Anything in PSP, Make a Brush in PSP, Selective Coloring in PSP, Use a Frame in PSP, Use a Mask in PSP, Using an Overlay in PSP and Use a Quick Page in PSP. These written tutorials include screen shots and are clear and easy to follow.

ETA:  The sale has just been extended until the 28th!   



  1. Heather is one of my fav designers. I love her stuff. Just picked up her mystery bag she had.

  2. YEAH!!! Heather rawks! And her sale is awesome. And did we mention that she’s wonderful and helpful and her customer service skills are above par and that that oh yeah, I’m s serious Heather Manning fan! Thanks for spotlighting one of the best.

  3. Thank you! And Tammy and ADD that’s so sweet! Thank you guys!

    I extended the sale through the 28th! YAY! A sale always rocks!

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