CG Textures

February 26, 2008

The apparent closure of Mayang’s Textures has left many scrambling for a new source for textures. If you are one of those thousands on the hunt for textures then you need to take a look at CG Textures.

It is set up and organized very much like Mayang’s Textures and no payment or royalties are required to use these textures. The quality is very good and the selection’s available are very extensive. There is a 15MB daily download limit, however you can opt for a membership that will allow you unlimited daily downloading privileges.



  1. […] 2-26-08 ETA: You can read about an alternative to Mayang’s here.  […]

  2. TFS, I’m not much of a user of these but the info is very helpful.

  3. Oh you seriously rock! Man, I didn’t know they were closing. I only got there once every couple of months, but I love their site! Thanks for the tip!

  4. Wow! Thanks for sharing the textures site.

  5. Thank you for another wonderful, extremely helpful review.

  6. Here are some other good sites:
    Action FX – http://www.actionfx.com/
    – Requires paid membership
    Cybia – http://www.cybia.co.uk/monofill.htm
    – Over 400 free textures!

  7. Great referral, thanks

  8. thanks, really good site.

    try this site too:

  9. amazing textures…. really a very helpfull us.. also many people,

    i dont get traffic signals {red, yello, green} ,in ur site….. any way … marveles thank you.. CG.texture…

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