PSP Tutorials

January 25, 2008

PSPTutorials.org is a comprehensive resource of categorized Paint Shop Pro tutorials. It features such categories as: Graphic Design and Drawing, Photo Correction and Retouch, Vector, Animation and other Paint Shop Pro tutorials.

While this is not specifically a digiscrapping site, many of the tutorials definitely have their place in creating layouts. For example, tutorials include instruction son how to make flowers, carve wood text, make lace butterfly’s and create rippled frames.

While most of the tutorials are wriiten ones with screen shots, there are a few video tutorials as well. This site has a wealth of info for the paint shop pro users.



  1. Wow this is perfect! Im always looking for PSP tutorials!

  2. Super awesome! I’ve bookmarked it. Thanks!

  3. Wow thanks! I use PSP so it’s great to find tutorials once in a while! Thanks for a great service!

  4. Awesome! Thank you so much! I was going to tell you, you don’t have to review it, but on my own site I’ve got some digiscrapping PSP tutorials for people! :o)

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