Update on Digiscrap Designer

January 23, 2008

On December 25th, Digiscrap Designer abruptly closed with no notice to subscribers or designers. Many disgruntled customers filed complaints with Paypal and/or their credit card companies. The only contact any of the subscribers had with the site owner was when she disputed the fraud claims. After nearly a month of being closed, the site reopened this week in a very limited form.

Some, but not all, subscribers received an email telling them that the site was open and that their subscriptions had been extended for 30 days. The email did not include an explanation or an apology from the site owner.

Less than two dozen tutorials are currently available, and those are written in a format that requires scrappers to keep moving clicking to the next page after only a short paragraph. The results is a very disjointed and hard to follow tutorial.

Her purpose may be thwart digital piracy, but the reality is that it has resulted in many very unhappy customers who feel that they are not getting what they paid for when they signed up for a subscription.



  1. I’d be so upset if this happened to me but this is kinda why I try not to sign up for anything ;( sad i know…..

  2. Hmmmm. Wonder what happened? I haven’t even tried to look at that site for quite some time and wasn’t aware of the problems.

  3. It is so sad what pirates have done to the digi community. The whole thing is sad for everyone involved. 😦

  4. I am very disappointed in the new format. It is extremely cumbersome to navigate and when following a tutorial, if you want to go back and check a certain step, you may have to scroll back several pages. I also don’t appreciate the fact that I have to accept the TOU everytime I log in, and then for a tutorial. It’s annoying. I’m sorry for the trouble she’s had, but I didn’t sign up there to steal her tutorials or have to go thru what I am now to read one. Face it, there is always going to be problems of theft, but I think this type of thing punishes EVERYONE and the offender[s] won’t care a bit!

  5. I had been a member of this site for 1 1/2 years. It was a great site and I am sorry they feel that they could no longer take the theft of their resources. I am, on the other hand, extremely disappointed by the way that I, a subscribed member of the website, have been treated. I wasn’t the person who treated them badly so why have I been treated so? I don’t care about the small amount of money that would be refunded for the few months that I have left of my subscription, what has upset me is that I have not been informed in anyway what has happening. I had to find small details out by trawling US craft forums, and still haven’t had any information or an apology directly, except to receive a curt email to say that the website was back up, in a very poor quality capacity I might add. Which I’m afraid is not good enough. Digiscrap Designers have been treated badly by some unscrupulous members of society, but now I have been treated just as badly by Digiscrap Designers. Rather takes away my sympathy about their situation.

  6. […] 1-23-08 ETA: The site has reopened but not in the format it was previously.  You can read more about it here.  […]

  7. I am a member of DigiscrapDesigner since March of 2007. Like others, while I don’t condone piracy, their loss in dollars for a digital product that costs little to reproduce and nothing to store or ship, can’t be nearly as much as the total in revenue they collected from members that didn’t realize the full benefit of their membership. I would believe that they had enough honest memberships to net them a hefty profit. Why didn’t they just ban the offending member(s)? I don’t even mind so much about the format change (even though it’s atrocious!!!), but I can’t use photoshop tuts – I really only signed up for the PSP tuts and the occasional download, neither of which are available now. So I agree whole heartedly – they have treated us, the honest, fee-paying members, with less respect than the pirates who caused the trouble in the first place.

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