Mayang’s Textures

January 9, 2008

Mayang’s Free Textures‘ library has over 3400 free to download, free to use, high-resolution textures. There is a limit of 20 downloads per day per ISP address. If you have need for a lot you can purchase a DVD with the entire collection.

If you are new to scrapping you might be asking what are textures and why would I want them? Digital Scrapbook Place has a great free tutorial on how to use them. Another great tutorial and examples on a different way of using them can be found at Photoshop Creative Elements.

There are a lot of other resources for textures, including your own pictures. What are some of your favorite resources for textures?

2-26-08 ETA: You can read about an alternative to Mayang’s here.

4-17-08 ETA:  An update on Mayang’s Textures and links to alternate texture sites can be found here.



  1. Very cool to know about the textures. Great blog!

  2. The Mayang textures site seems to not be working at present. Does anyone know if it’s going to be back up anytime, or where I can purchase the collection on DVD in the meantime?

  3. Its a temporary thing due to the cable cut underseas…

  4. I would also like to know where the Mayang CD can be purchased if still available… any leads, please post. Thanks!

  5. i want mayang textures

  6. i need mayang textures

  7. wow, after several years of using Mayang.com/textures I think it’s final gone. 😦 I wonder if they did not pay the bill or what happened? This stinks, I need some window shots!

  8. Nooooooooooo! My favorite, free, high quality texture site GONE! We love you Mayang…come back!

  9. i just found a website that’s like mayang. should hold us off until mayang returns! CG Textures – there’s a 15mb download limit.

    ETA – Thanks for the info Tim! I reviewed that site here.

  10. mayang!!!!
    dont leave us!!!

  11. just use imageafter.com- very high quality pictures

  12. You can use the internet archive to snag some of the older mayang textures.


  13. Noo! My sweet mayang…I loved looking at all their pictures. Yeah, I emailed the owner and asked if they still had the dvd’s available for sale, I haven’t gotten a response back in a long time. Well..we can only hope, right?

    PS: Somebody mentioned CG textures.com, Thanks! I had no idea that site existed. That’s some quality stuff they have.


  14. Mayang is great.

    Thanks for mentioning CG textures.com, folks. It’s a good site, too.

  15. i want Mayang’s free textures

  16. Mayang is dead for a while now, I like http://www.mega-tex.nl

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