January 4, 2008

goDigitalScrapbooking offers a lot for both beginner and avid scrappers. They have freebies – including tutorials for CS, PSE and PSP, an assortment of challenges in the forum, and a lovely shop.

They also offer Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes in Photoshop CS2/3, Photoshop Elements and Paint Shop Pro. Classes are $30 and run for 4 weeks with 3 classes per week. The full syllabus for each class is available on the website.



  1. thanks for the tip!

  2. GDS is one of the most friendly and helpful sites that you will ever find. Everyone is always willing to answer your questions or if they can’t they help you find the answers. The challenges are wonderful and the designers ROCK.

  3. I discovered GDS in September and absolutely LOVE their community! Great ladies and VERY talented! The gallery is one of my favorites, PACKED full of beautiful pages!

  4. I found GDS about 2wks ago and I am soo happy I did. Where else can you go to find the help you need when learning to digi scrap. I went for a tutorial and now I am addicted. An awesome site!!!

  5. GDS is awesome!. I’ve been there almost a year. and I’ve learned so many awesome tips and tricks from these ladies. the Kits and Templates are defintely some of the best I’ve ever seen.

    Everyone is sooo helpful!. The challenges and contest are fun with lots of goodie surprises. The Chats are fantastic. Just getting to know all these talented ladies is worthing being there for so I definitely recommend this site to everyone

  6. GDS has to be one of the friendliest places for scrappers! They welcome you with open arms and there are so many challenges to kick-start your creativity! I love it!

  7. Friendliest folks in the digiscrap world. Everyone is helpful and supportive. A really great community for digiscrappers. There is fun going on all the time. All of the challenges are well constructed and great fun. Be sure to drop over and check it out.

  8. GDS is a great place. The challenges are a great way to improve your digi-scrapping techniques. The gallery is full of inspiration. And best of all, everyone there is so supportive and encouraging!

  9. I love the community at GDS and designing there. Everyone is awesome and friendly. We have something for everyone and try our best to welcome everyone with open arms! If you introduce yourself at GDS and don’t get a response, then that just means that EVERYONE WAS SICK THAT DAY! LOL! Come by and try some of our challenges and contests!!!

  10. GDS is fantastic! It has been my digi-home for almost a year and I couldn’t ask for a better community. I’ve made lots of digi-friends and enjoy hanging out in their fourm. The challenges are fantastic and designers are so generous with the posting bonuses they provide. Anyone looking for a warm & welcoming community should come and join us!

  11. I have been a member of gds since it began and love it! The owners are so friendly that I immediately felt at home, guess that’s why I am still there – and plan to be for a very long time! Everyone is friendly and helpful and it is a fun and inspirational place to hang out!

  12. GDS has to be the most warm and inviting digi scrap site that I have ever known. Everyone is friendly and helpful and it isn’t long before you many friends there.

  13. GDS is an awesome site! Lots of great designers and fabulous kits, challenges, freebies, and classes! The gallery has no size restriction and is really awesome!

    Hope you can come on over and check us out – there are lots of stuff going on and everyone is willing to help you out! And fun stuff too – always something going on.

  14. I have been at GDS for almost a year now and came across the site totally by accident. I was at another site and saw a link to GDS, went there and haven’t left. It’s now my home, everyone there is so friendly and helpful. Awesome designers, great challenges and what a variety of freebies.
    I recently took the beginners PSE/CS class from Andrea Gold and it was well worth every penny spent. She is an awesome instrutor.
    You really should come over to GDS to check out the community and see for yourself just how awesome it is.

  15. I have been a member of GDS since July 2007. I have found the site members to be very friendly and helpful. They have some of the most fun challenges.

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