DigiscrapDesigner has closed

December 27, 2007

On November 29th of this year I reviewed DigiscrapDesigner, but I was unware until now that there had been increasing problems with tutorials and actions being removed, without explanation or compensation to subscribers.

Then on Christmas day the site was closed without any notice to subscribers or to designers. It has been rumored that the site was closed due to some of the tutorials being pirated, but since no explanation has been forth-coming from the site owner as of this posting her customers are left feeling very much out in the cold.

To my readers I appologize for sending you to a site with an owner that demonstates such poor business skills. Unfortunately one persons behavior is reflecting badly on many good designers that had nothing to do with the abrupt closure of the site.



  1. I think you did the right thing posting this. It couldn’t have been a fun post to right. And this completely not your fault. The responsibility for this lies on one person and one person only. The pirating is a side issue. I have to agree with some of the comments that this is like people stealing stuff from Walmart, and them closing their doors with no notice. Leaving people out in the cold who had gift cards with money waiting to be spent and gifts waiting to be bought. It’s not fair to the majority who are good paying customers. I really don’t understand the rush to defend her when she has been seen logged in at DST and had time to change the greeting at the site, not once, but twice. There should have been an email sent out to the customers. That would have avoided all of the rest of this from happening.

  2. It isn’t your fault, haw would you know? It is very unfortunate what has happened (and I’m one of those subscribers left with no explanation, no reimbursement and no site to go to) Still waiting…

  3. It just stinks.

  4. You can’t blame yourself for what others do. The important thing to do is keep doing what YOU do and doing it well!

    I love the advice you give! Thank you so much for it.

  5. I was so upset when I went to find the site and it’s not there anymore… and no explanation as to why it’s gone.
    I only signed up in September and didn’t get much of anything… I feel like I’ve been ripped off.
    Thank you for posting this.
    Sincerely, Mechelle

  6. I also just signed up in October so I not only feel like I was ripped off, I was! I would like to get my money back or find out who I need to contact to get this taken care of. This is not right at all. There could be some legal action taken. I am in the dark. I don’t know anything about what happened and would love for someone to clue me in.

  7. I am another customer who paid for a subscription, and only got to use it for a month before the site was closed with no explanation. I agree with all the others, I think there ought to be some legal channel for us to get our money back.

  8. I have been wondering what happened to this site. I renewed my subscription, but haven’t been very active lately because of school. I wanted to check in and found the site closed. I’m really ticked off that I wasn’t warned and that wasted my money on this site. I think there should have been an email sent out to subscribers letting them know what was happening. I am really mad about this.

  9. I’ve just noticed the site was closed as well ! How can someone go away like this, whereas we paid a subscription ? I find this so shocking !

  10. […] 01-05-08 ETA: This was site closed abruptly 12-24-07, and to date subscribers have not heard from the store owner.  You can read more about it here.  […]

  11. Don’t feel bad, you had no way of knowing what was going on, nobody else did either.

  12. I believe it is going to come back – there have been a lot of problems to resolve. Maybe we should be a little more patient.

  13. I received an email today that they were open again. I go to the website and after reading a VERY long agreement policy that was of course all to their benefit, I foolishly clicked on agree, thinking that when I logged in all the content would still be there. When you log in, there is only one tutorial and that’s a very old one. Also not one apology for shutting down without informing the paid members. It’s like they are drawing you in, to get you to agree to that form, then offer nothing. Just my take on it….beware before you agree. I have sent an email asking if more tutorials would be put up and still awaiting an answer. I still feel really ripped off.

  14. I forgot to mention that there is no forum, no way to communicate with a single person. The site only contains the agreement policy and one tutorial.

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