Action FX – Photoshop Resources

December 17, 2007

Action Fx is the personal website of Photoshop Author and Trainer Al Ward. While the primary focus of this site is Photoshop, there are tutorials, actions and layer styles for Elements as well.

While there are a few freebies available this site is primarily geared toward a yearly membership ($69.95). Members have access to over 100,000 add-ons and special effects, as well as training videos. (As an added bonus all items are “commercial use” and do not require any mention in TOU’s) There are even tutorials specifically for Digital Scrappers.

Eventually there will be a pay-per-view section for tutorials and a pay-per-download for actions, so that it won’t be necessary to subscribe for an entire year just to get a single tutorial or for that matter a set of actions or styles. Right now there are some nice frames in the pay-per-download section of the store.



  1. Always great to drop by here and see what great links you have to share. Thanks for another.

  2. thanks for the good information

  3. I’ve been to your site before and found it very informative! Thanks for all the information you collect! And I’d love to see a review on http://www.scrapstreet.com!

  4. Another great resources! Thank you!

  5. thanks for the information you provide us. it is very helpful to us. this site action fx is really cool. thanks again

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