Layout Inspiration

December 12, 2007

Sometimes when you have photos to scrap an idea just seems to instantly appear. Sometimes its not quite that easy and you need a little inspiration. That is where templates and sketches, also known as page maps come in handy. They are a great way to jumpstart your creativity.

Here are a few sites to check out that offer them:

Scrap Maps – a well organized site that offers both square and 8.5×11 sketches that are listed by number of photos on the page.

Page Maps – this site offers a wide variety of sketchs, including, card, round, mini and half maps

Little Book of Sketches – this site offers sketches in a variety of shapes and sizes including A4.

Becky Higgins’ Sketches – she has sketches available both on-line at Creating Keepsakes and in her two wonderful sketch books.

Do you have a favorite sketch resource?



  1. Great list! Thanks! Here’s one that posts sketches on Saturdays:http://sisterhoodofscrap.blogspot.com/

  2. Great Review, Love the links! I enjoy making quick pages but run out of idea all the time. Thank You!

  3. Super list, love the inspiration!

  4. […] Stranberg presents Layout Inspiration « posted at The digi scrap review, saying, "A great article with links to some great sketch […]

  5. Another great review, as always!

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