Digi Scrapin’ with Jen!

December 11, 2007

Jen Strange is one busy lady! In addition to her “Digi Scrapin’ with Jen” blog, she also has a website, JenStrange.com and is involved with the Stop Ditigal Piracy blog.

The Stop Digital Piracy blog is more of a spot for static content than a regularly updated blog. According to Jen it was designed “to be a resource for digital scrappers who need to understand what piracy is and how to avoid taking part in it” and “to be a resource for digital designers who need help fighting piracy.”

The Digi Scrapin’ with Jen! blog and its sister website, are great resources for both begining and advanced scrappers. Among the resources you will find on these sites are: Photoshop tutorials, many of which will work in Elments too. Paper scrapping tutorials, an alphabetical lists of all the digiscrap stores, blogging and computer tips, etc. Both site are well organized and welcoming.



  1. Thanks for the reminder about Jen’s wonderful sites. I’ve had them bookmarked for awhile but hadn’t visited them lately.

  2. Great information, as always. Thank you for posting it : )

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