On One Essentials On Sale!

November 14, 2007

Essentials for Photoshop Elements is a collection of four tools:

  • Make it Better: Quickly optimize your images color, contrast and brightness by comparing adjustments and picking the best settings visually.
  • Cut it out: Cut people out of one picture, even tough stuff like hair, so you can easily put them in new pictures.
  • Frame it: Add the finishing touch to your images with the Frame It module, a collection of over 500 edge and border effects right out of the darkroom.
  • Enlarge It: Resize images up to 400% with no loss of quality or detail.

Video tutorials for using Essentials are available on the company website.

Works with PSE4.0 and above, and Windows XP or Vista. Normally this product retails for around $50, but it is on sale at Buy.com for $23.99 and if you sign up to use Google checkout you can get an addtional $10 off your purchase. Free shipping is also available.



  1. Great information! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Boy, that would have been handy back when I was using Elements. Sounds like a great product.

  3. […] fails to deliver! November 23, 2007 I recieved an email notice yesterday that my order for OnOne Essentials 2 for Photoshop Elements had been canceled because it “is no longer available from that supplier.” Interstingly […]

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