November 6, 2007

Scrapbook-bytes has been on-line since February of 2006. It offers a chat room, forum, galleries and of course a store. The site is well organized and is easy to navigate.

In the inspiration section you will find literally hundreds of great sketches and ad art to help jump start your creative process. I know I personally keep coming back to it for inspiration whenever I feel like I’m in a rut or have scrappers block.

The reference/resource section has a lot of useful things including searchable quotes and a plethora of written and video tutorials for Photoshop, PSE, PSP, DIP and other software. Many of the tutorials for Elements were written for PSE3, but they translate well into newer versions.

Scrapbook-bytes also has a lot to offer in the way of freebies in the download section. Numerous elements, quick pages and page kits make this a great stopping place for anyone looking to add to their scrapping collection.



  1. I love SBB, when I 1st heard of digiscrapping it was SBB I joined I had lots of use of the tutorials and the inspiration section. The team is incredible, very kind and helpfull and I felt right at home. In 3 days I will celebrate my digiversairy, 1 year of digiscrapping, 1 year SBB as my home!!!!

  2. Actually Scrapbook Bytes has been online since January 2003 (not 2006)

    Its a fab and friendly community that takes the time to help, support and encourage scrappers!
    Drop by!

  3. SBB is such a friendly, open and supportive community. Everyone is ready to help answer questions and to offer praise. There are frequent chats and challenges that are fun and usually well-attended. Definitely a great place to make your scrap-booking “home”.

  4. I love SBB it is like home to me. Spend hours there. Friendly kind people. My kind of site.

  5. I just wanted to say thanks to all the wonderful members at SBB! Without all of you, it wouldn’t be as great of a community that it is! SBB members encourage, support and help new and old scappers alike! Stop by and chat with us, you won’t find a friendlier forum!

  6. SBB was one of the first digiscrapping stops I made while researching “digital scrapbooking” – It is now my second home. Lots of challenges, friends, resources,and a huge store. SBB is the place to be!

  7. I just have to say that when I was looking through Digi-Scrap sites,(and there are some great ones out there)SBB just blew me away! All the talented ladies there were so, so friendly, inspirational and encouraging to me as a newbie! Now I consider it my cyber home! Thank you Amy for providing us all a great place to “hang our pages”!

  8. WOW!! What more can I say about Scrapbook-Bytes. I am a new member but they have accepted me like I have been there from the start. There is no friendlier site out there. I have fallen in love with it and have made it my #1 site. I definitely recommend EVERYONE giving it a try…OH…and the tutorials are amazing. If you need one, I can bet they have it 🙂 Give them a try…you won’t regret it.

  9. SBB is a wonderful community! So many fantastic members eager to help new digi scrappers and experienced ones with everything from techniques to camera purchases and more. The freebies rock! They have an annual subscription where you get special freebies from the designers – it is only $20 a year – well worth it!

  10. If you are looking for a friendly and all-encompassing digi-site – this is the one. So many talented designers and great tutorials. The forums are great and everyone is so friendly! You can’t beat this site!

  11. ScrapBookBytes is where I first discovered digiscrapping, and I keep on coming back for more. It’s a wonderful place to seek inspiration or to just relax and look at something beautiful.

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