November 4, 2007

PanosFX is a site dedicated to Photoshop enthusiasts. The numerous effects and tutorials available here will let you experience this wonderful application to the maximum!

While Panos does concentrate primarily on writing actions and tutorials for Photoshop, he hasn’t forgotten the Elements users and there is a wealth of fun actions to be had, many of them free! Just be sure you are in the elements section before you start downloading!

One of my favorite actions is the snow globe that is available for free to registered users. Other fun free actions include, page curl, puzzle, spiral bind and the scroll action creates a great journaling tag. And then there are the bundle packs that are for sale. They include actions for panos cube (like rubics cube only better) sketch effects, vintage paper, film machine etc…. I personally have all of his actions for elements, and they all work smoothly.

From the site: Panos Efstathiadis is a Greek graphics artist/designer. His works and particularly his Photoshop actions have been very popular for years, among the users of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

Panos’ effects have been presented in widely known magazines in the US and in other countries, such as the Shutterbug, Adobe Magazine for Creative Professionals, Adobe Proxy, MacWorld, Photoshop Creative, Digital Photographer, Docma, etc. and have been refered to by professionals, such as Joe Farace, Scott Kelby, John Nack, Derek Pell and others.

In addition Panos’ effects have been presented in a number of text books (two great books are: Richard Harrington: Understanding Adobe Photoshop, Peachpit Press, 2006. Joe Farace, Getting started with digital imaging, Focal Press, 2006) and refered to in many digital imaging websites.



  1. Thanks for the info!! I will really check that out!! Love it!!

  2. Ohh, I love PanosFx!

    What a great blog you have!
    Thank you for your research!


  3. thanks for this great site, it is definitely going on my blogroll!

  4. […] April 3, 2008 If you are not already familiar with the work of PanosFx check out this review. For those of you that already know about his fine actions he has a new FREE action that is […]

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