November 1, 2007

According to the introduction on DigiShopTalk’s home page this is the place “where you can freely discuss the latest and greatest digital products and trends, find out all of the current happenings throughout the entire digital community, get help with your scrapping software, designs and photography, and make friends with others who share your passion for this cutting-edge craft! You can browse the public gallery for inspiration for all levels of expertise and you can host your own work here as well – whether you are a beginner or seasoned scrapper! You’ll find a comprehensive calendar for all of the latest sales, chats and events happening throughout the digital community as well as a digital directory to help link you to every resource that the digital scrapper could possibly need.”

The Product Gallery is set up much like any forum/gallery and designers post their work by categories such as ribbon & bows, frames, stitches etc… along with sections for different types of kits. There are also a number of neat actions including a curly ribbon one for PSP users.

Their open approach and organization makes them a unique site that is well worth your time to check out.



  1. Watch out! It is totally addictive at DST!!! Great blog, I’m off to read more, even though it is 1am here 😦

  2. I agree, very addictive and the people here are just the best in the world!! And the talent that ozzes off the screen and all over my desk is just amazing.

  3. Great blog – I like your descriptions of the various sites. You should add http://www.digiscrappingtutorials.com/ Its a great tutorial site.

  4. So glad to see such a wonderful site reviewed and appreciated!


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