Gotta Pixel

October 23, 2007

If you are “addicted to the pixel” then Gotta Pixel is a good place to check out. They have an extensive freebie section available for anyone, and there is also a wide variety of monthly challenges to help jumpstart your creative process.

They have tutorials for both Photoshop CS and elements as well as Paint Shop Pro, but you must be a registered user and logged in, in order to see or access that section of the forum which is located below the monthly challenges.

Lots of interesting items in the shop, including quick page brag and alphabet books, curled and folded corner templates and curly ribbons. Commercial use items are also available.



  1. I am addicted to the pixel! And my favorite site is Gotta Pixel. I’d like to add that along with our great freebies and challenges, we also have a great group of members! Thanks so much for the nice review.

  2. I LOVE Gotta Pixel!! I agree the people there are so NICE!! It’s great to see them on here!!

  3. Not only is it the BEST digital scrapbooking site out there, they truly care about their members. Post a few layouts and you will see what I mean, many comments. Lots of chatter and fun!

  4. I love Gotta Pixel too! The friendliest site I’ve ever come across, and there are always people around to help out and offer encouragement!

  5. I agree with everyone else. Gotta Pixel is just like family to me, and everyone is so friendly and helpful! Loads of awesome comments in the gallery, if you want good feedback on your layout, Gotta Pixel is the place to go! Come check us out if you haven’t already!

  6. I too agree with what everyone said about Gotta Pixel!! Its a great place to be, they have something for everyone from the newest newbie to the expert scrapper/designer! Its a great site that is well rounded in everything that they do!! Friendliness, attitudes, super high quality of designs, comments in their gallery, the list goes on and on, but you need to check it out for yourself! Its a great place and totally worthwhile to check out if you haven’t done so already!

  7. Gotta Pixel was thesite I joined when I started digital scrapbooking back in April. Something about it drew me in more than other sites I had visited. It is a wonderfully supportive community! The store is full of beautiful, unique products from many talented designers. There are challenges nearly every day to give you new ideas and ways of broadening your skills. Layouts in the gallery get lots of attention. Even my first layouts, which were very basic, got lots of positive comments!

  8. I have to agree with all the positive comments above, I’ve been a member at gottapixel for several months now and it really is a great place to hang out and get inspiration.
    The selection of free downloads is just incredible, I would highly recommend it to anyone.

  9. GottaPixel is one of the best sites out there. I love that I can post in the forum or the gallery and get feedback. Not many galleries out there are comment-full…

    GP is an awesome place to be!

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