DigiScrap Info

October 16, 2007

I have always scrapped in Photoshop Elements, but I use ACDSee to organize my photos and digiscrapping supplies. Until I stumbled across DigiScrap Info I had never fully realized what ACDSee could do.

Much like Scrappers Guide is primarily focused on scrapping with Elements and Photoshop this site is focused on scrapping with ACDSee. The site is run by two sisters; Heidi, who is a software design engineer and Connie, who is a librarian. Given their day jobs, it is no surprise that their “specialty is organizing.”

The tutorials are well organized and very thorough. Since I use ACDSee to organize my digital images, the tutorials on organization were particularly helpful. I haven’t tried the downloadable organization categories, since my own quirky system works for me at present. But for someone that is just getting started or is orgnaizational challenged they look like they would make organization a snap!

There is also a lot of info on this site that isn’t strictly related to ACDSee. For example, they have one of the most comprehensive list of printing options I have seen anywhere on the web.


One comment

  1. Thanks Jane for the review. Yes, it seems that Connie and I got an organizing gene that we can’t shake. We try really hard to provide useful information in a self-service website. And if you have questions, someone is there to answer them.

    I also love printing online. I don’t print anything at home. When I went to research places to print photo books, I couldn’t find anything so I added it to my own site. Now there is resource for online printing (both books and online prints) for digital scrapbookers.

    And we have a few other different resources depending on our interests.

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