Back Up!

October 11, 2007

Today Stewart Wolpin wrote in his blog about ways to back-up your hard drive in a blog entry titled: “Learning to back up the hard (disk) way: a crash course”

I agree with much of what he wrote, especially the part about photos being the one thing thatI would most hate to lose in case of a fire, natural disaster or the inevitable hard drive crash. DVD’s are an ok option, as are external hard drives, but both of those methods requre you to remember to do back-ups on a regular basis. And unless you have off site storage, mean they are still located in your home or office. I still do the occasional back-up to DVD’s and my EHD, but a few months ago I found a more reliable method that works very well for me.

I opted for an on-line solution called Carbonite. Carbonite’s online backup service starts automatically and works quietly and continuously in the background protecting your data. The online backup software is always looking for new data on your PC. The moment you add or modify files, Carbonite swings into action to back up your data. (Provided of course that your PC is connected to the internet.) Their prices are very reasonable – less than $5 a month for unlimited storage when you purchase at least a year’s subscription.

Not only do I not have to worry about remembering to do back-ups, I know that all of my photos and almost as importantly my scrapping supplies: kits, actions, templates etc. are protected.

Have you backed up lately?



  1. I will have to check this out Jane…this is something that concerns me. I have an external hard drive but the same problem arose in case of a fire. My mac’s hard drive actually just went out last week and thank goodness all my photos are on my laptop!

  2. According to Len at Carbonite they are looking into adding external hard-drives and Mac’s to their back-up service. That should make a lot of folks happy! Especially the digiscrappers that store all their supplies on their EHD.

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