October 10, 2007

I discovered digital scrapbooking nearly four years ago during a search for the “perfect” baby book. I wanted something that was customizable and had space for a lot of pictures, but nothing I found was quite right.

Then I stumbled across ScrappersGuide and was fascinated with the examples of Linda’s work. I purchased Photoshop Elements 2.0 and was so frustrated that after a few weeks I gave up without ever managing to create a single page. A few months later I revisted Linda’s site and noticed that PSE 3.0 was out and deciced to have one more go at it. I ordered Linda’s training CD’s and suddenly it all started to make sense.

At the time there was only one or two companies that offered square format books, and the prices were way beyond my budget. So I started scrapping in 8×10 because I had found a company that printed books that at least I could afford for a special occasion. About 70 pages into my daughter’s baby book I came across an even better option – Viovio! They not only have square format books, they have them at very affordable prices. So I redid those 70+ pages and have been scrapping in square format every since.

My purpose in starting this blog is to provide a clearing house for info related to the digital scrapbooking world. And of course I will have a few freebies available from time to time too.


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